Is Your Brand Striking The Right Voice And Tone?

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Is Your Brand Striking The Right Voice And Tone?

Did you know about the 4 wildly popular brands that are nailing it with their consistent brand voice and tone?

There are countless more brands, to begin with, but you’re familiar with the way these brands stay absolutely true to their message and set themselves apart.

4 billion dollar companies who’re serving consistency in their message-

Disney(Where dreams come true), Dunkin’ Donuts(America runs on Dunkin), Gillette(Your first real razor), and Coca-Cola(Share a coke).

With revenue of 37.27 billion USD (2019), a mega-brand like ‘Coca-Cola’ has already set its benchmark as an industry leader with a steady brand message. Their success rate is a gentle reminder for your brand to start using a specific brand tone and voice for sparking a real connection with your audience.

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53% of businesses rely on content marketing as a branding strategy. But any digital marketing strategy first needs the basics cleared- Identification of a voice and tone to begin with.

So, what exactly is the difference between a brand ‘Voice’ and ‘Tone’, and how is it the first thing to be sorted out in a digital marketing plan?

VOICE (For a unified brand image)

Brand voice is your brand’s personality. It’s consistent, memorable, and accelerates a long-lasting connection with your target audience. For example, Netflix’s ‘Netflix and chill’ has gone beyond just a chill personality to actually create that kind of lifestyle for everyone. Voice is the reason why you remember brands like Porsche for its sophistication and Coca-Cola for sharing happiness. Professional marketers can help you identify a brand voice and tone so that your brand communication is perceived consistently to your target customers and get hooked in their minds.

TONE (Can’t play hit or miss in this one)

Unlike brand voice, the tone is something that gets and needs to be customized according to the situation. Branding goes beyond your logo to the way your messages are delivered for maintaining consistency and relevancy as per the situation. For example, Zomato has a clever way to stay relevant and relatable with their audience with a mix of quirky posts and some with a serious tone for addressing concerns. Modulating your tone as per your brand’s voice can help create meaningful connections and 62% of buyers say that it can determine a long-term relationship with a company. A successful social media marketing strategy begins with pinning down the brand voice and tone for increasing meaningfulness with customers.

For A Successful Brand Building Process

Your way to stand out against your competitors needs nothing less than a strong branding strategy. It’s time to communicate with the digital experts on how you want your brand to communicate.

Some questions you need to ask yourself to identify your right brand voice and tone-

●     What’s the purpose behind your brand?

●     How are the competitor brands within your industry successfully communicating with your target audience?

●     What are your brand’s mission and vision statements?

●     What is the USP your brand offers?

If you dedicatedly take out time to answer these questions, you will save your customer’s time by being uniquely visible in the cluttered digital realm. Let your brand personality shine today with its uniqueness. Our digital marketing team disrupts the ordinary way by asking such questions to our clients. This helps customize a well-planned branding strategy that’ll help structure your growth and make your customers fall in love with your brand.

Our only ask is to identify your voice and be he(a)rd in the ocean of the digital realm. We are here to help you do right by your brand and create a genuine connection among its target audience.

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