Influencer Marketing | Money Heist Edition

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Influencer Marketing | Money Heist Edition

Unskippable YouTube ads get even the best of us especially when it’s the right place but wrong timing. So imagine the non-stop eruption of ads that your audience unwillingly faces each day.

Credits: Netflix

Netflix’s Money Heist shows how each member willingly wanted to be part of the Professor’s plan, that’s the trust an influencer can build. With 6000 to 10000 ads every single day, your audiences are losing it. This is where influencer marketing disrupts the ordinary. There is still a strong reason why your target customers are hooked to the media, it is for the influencers who inspire, teach, entertain, and guide their followers in a desired way.

Credits: Netflix

“I do not want to ignore this, this desire that I feel alive because I’ve never had so much.” – Professor

It’s true that influencers have created a strong impact on their followers resulting in a more engaged audience that trusts them over anything else. Marketers too are maximizing the impact of influencer marketing which was estimated to reach $13.8 billion in 2021. Influencer marketing is the subtle art of choosing the influencers of your niche who have authentically won their audience’s trust and having these influencers introduce your products/services to them. This has a wider scope since influencers too are competing with others and ensuring that they showcase your products with maximum creativity and manifest a much wider reach. (which is a win-win situation for you).

So, how is influencer marketing the real mastermind for a brand’s growth?

A Heist For New ‘Target Audience’

Credits: Netflix

Influencers are in current demand because they have what it takes to join people in their GANG, which could mean tapping in your potential target audience too (like the turn of events in which Raquel joined the Professor gang). They create that special connection that is marvelous and that’s what a digital marketing plan can help you reap the full benefit of.

An Influencer For Every Audience!

Credits: Netflix

Not all influencers are influential for your niche. Knowing this can save your efforts and help onboarding the one who is the best person to sway your audience. Your audience maybe someone who loves a leader personality (Professor), a gentle but brave heart (Nairobi), a crazy but fierce personality (Tokyo), a humorous one (Denver), an extravagantly elegant and charming personality (Berlin), but never someone who deems themselves as an influencer but can cause some serious damage to your brand reputation (Arturo). Get help finding the right influencer who can ensure their audience sees your brand for the value it will add to their life.

The ‘Ethical’ Art Of Influencing

Credits: Netflix

“The second any blood is shed, we’ll no longer be Robin Hood, but a bunch of plain punks.”- Professor

Professor was right all along that real influencers build themselves with ethics and are not someone who wants their audience to fall prey to their large following and buy anything blindly. A person deeply inspiring you makes you a part of their lifestyle, and you’re bound to desire the things they follow, own, love, or hate. Such is the power of ethical influencers who make you a part of something greater. The audience then becomes connected to their purpose and trusts their decisions. Want to make your brand part of something greater too?

Professor’s Influencer Marketing 101 (where money isn’t primary)

Credits: Netflix

A full-time influencer understands the seriousness of his actions and is always prepared. A part of them needs you as much as you need their presence with your brand. Demonstrating your products/services is a powerful responsibility for them too and they are all in for making it look right. Right from its creative presentation to even responding to their audience’s query, they fill power in your brand and plan. They decide how a brand can be perceived, so you should start deciding your brand guidelines too.

Plan SEO Is On!

Credits: Netflix

A small gesture of choosing water over Coke by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo caused Coca-Cola to lose $4 billion. Amidst various speculations on it, didn’t it successfully catch the world’s attention? Likewise, your brand getting exposed to an influencer’s audience can change the game and skyrocket your SEO.

People today have the spending power, and which is why your competitors are maximizing the potential these influencers have on a purchase decision, brand’s reach, and credibility.

For a swift approach towards your goals like the Professor, we’ll even help you leverage multiple influencers for innovative campaigns. Imagine the best talent aligned to your purpose like the money heist gang, not wearing Dali masks but wearing their talent caps, your brand will be immortal in everyone’s minds. Reach out to us and tap into the power of influencer marketing. Join the resistance.

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